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From : Joanne & Paul
Email :
Where : Blachford Lake
April 19, 2005 08:25:52 (GMT Time)
ID: 32628

Dear Christine: It was such a delight to hear you in concert and have you stay with us! Thank you so much for your beautiful gift of music. I hope that you enjoyed your time here, and sorry that the weather was so cold here when you came. If you decide to return here to experience the winter of the true-north, remember to bring your wool touque and your balaclava! The summers are incredibly beautiful here, and if you visit us late August, you'll still be able to catch a glimpse of the Aurora and a breathtaking reflection of it on the lake. It was such a pleasure to meet you and your trio, and we hope to hear you again in concert here in the NWT! With love, Joanne and Paul

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From : Michel Boutiller
Email :
Where : Santa Barbara, CA
March 8, 2005 18:21:34 (GMT Time)
ID: 32627

Hi Christine, wonderful to find you on the internet, and to enjoy your lovely playing. You're a really beautiful musician, and would love to see you perform here one day. Your fan, Michel

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From : Shauna & Kenji
Email :
Where : Edinburgh, Scotland
March 5, 2005 08:39:10 (GMT Time)
ID: 32626

Dear Christine:

What a beautiful website you have! I'm studying at the U of E School of Mathematics here along with your cousin Kenji, and he keeps telling me about his famous pianist cousin (you!), and showed me your website! You've accomplished so much in your career. Congratulations to you! Any plans to come out to Scotland soon?

Hey Mari-chan, it's Kenji!! Yoku dekimashita ne!!!How's it going over there in Florida? Thought for some reason you were still in London. Actually, weren't you there until very recently? We looooove your new website, and now my parents can hear your concerts over the internet in JP! We'd love to have you over sometime, so please visit! Say hi to your mom and dad for me.

Hugs, S & K

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From : Mara Higgins
Email :
Where :
March 1, 2005 13:40:54 +0700
Message : 103 of 122 (ID: 32625)

Hello, you have a great Page! I like it really much. If you like the sun and the sea and want to have really great holidays in spain- ask us!

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From : Isabel y Eugenio Quintas
Email :
Where : Santiago de Compostel, Espana
February 27, 2005 02:21:18 +0700
ID: 32624

Hola a todos!!!! Feliz ano 2005 (aunque con un poco de retraso). Como estan? Bueno les dejo mis aludos de Fin de Ano y a la espera que este ano que esta por comenzar, traiga Paz y Prosperidad para todos y en especial para mi querida Christine. Saludos a todos desde Madrid. Christine - cuando usted va a Londres? Mil besos! Eugenio

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From : Ian Jamal
Email :
Where : Calgary, AB
February 27, 2005 20:03:51 +0700
ID: 32623

Christine: I love your new website, and congratulations on your career. Brava! .It seems as though the classical music scene is shaping up these days with beautiful women like you. I listened to your live recordings, and it is very impressive! I am a graduate of U of A where I was a student of Marek Jablonski. Now, I am an engineer by profession, but piano still remains my passion. After years of absence, I gave a solo recital in a program of Beethoven Op. 101, Chopin Fourth Ballade, Ravel Sonatine, and Prokofiev Sixth Sonata for a fund-raising event for our firm last month. This was a program performed on my BM grad recital, and to play it again after many years was such an exciting event for me! You have inspired me to keep up my music. Keep up your wonderful career, and I hope to meet you in person someday! Your devoted fan, Ian

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From : mark froelich
Email :
Where : tallahassee, fl
February 26, 2005 14:42:33 (GMT Time)
ID: 32622

Hi Christine. Great site, and great playing! All the best!

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From : The Baughans
Email :
Where : Oxford, England
Feb 19, 2005 08:16:34 +0700 (BST)
ID: 32621

Hey Doctor Christine!
Bryan and Jon told us that you are now officially a DR! That's really awesome, and I bet you're enjoying it! Our 4-tet is keeping busy as usual, but we really miss having you in London. Shelly, Ali and Andy says hello! I tried to send you an E-mail, but it returned to me, and so I'm writing you here. Have fun with your travels and concerts, and hope to catch up with you sometime soon! Love, Mike By the way, I love your website, your audio clips, and laughed reading your favourites! I knew you love bagels, but seriously, 3 a day? Where did this come from? I always remembered you for being such a health-nut!!!!

Dear Mike,Andy, Shelly and Ali, Hey guys! How ironic that you would write ...I was just practicing the Bloch piano quintet earlier today and had wondered about you guys!Thanks for the message! So, the whole world now knows now that I'm in love with bagels; the 3-a-day idea came from Brueggers bagels, (it's located RIGHT across the street from the ASU School of Music) and they printed out coupons saying that they would give out 3-free-bagels upon visit (no purchase necessary!) So of course, all my fellow bagel fans from the piano studio scrounged around campus in search of these valued coupons, and pretty much went religiously for months!! It's not something we're quite proud of, and after a while our jig was up since the bagel shop caught on and stopped producing these coupons �.it�s now become one of many dear memories of ASU! I'm glad to hear that everyone is doing well there, and hope to see you all real soon!! Sending along a big hug!

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From : Blair
Email :
Where : New York City
February 11, 2005 05:27:03 (GMT Time)
ID: 32620

Christine, I love your website and the musical life that you are leading - bravo. May I make a small comment on your performances page? The font is very hard-to-read! It might be my computer, but a light font with a light background is usually difficult to read on computer screens, or at least on mine. Good luck to you and I hope to hear you play in the near future. Warm regards, Blair McMillen

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From : Maria Nunez
Email :
Where : Tampa, FL
November 20, 2004 22:41:59 (GMT Time)
ID: 32619

Dear Christine,
This is going to come as a surprise to you! I am the Chopin fanatic who works at the cosmetics department at Dillard's, and talked to you when you were looking through our products at the Borghese counter. When you had said that you were a pianist, I had no idea that you were such an accomplished one! You had mentioned that you had a few appearances here in town, so I wrote down your name, and tried to find out more about you through the internet. Well, I certainly found you! Congratulations on a successful career you're leading! Your website is beautiful, and so is your music. (And, you have such gorgeous hair!) Now that I know who you really are, I am so elated to have met you! Hope to hear from you soon.
Your fan, Maria ;-)

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From : Savanna
Email :
Where : Vancouver, BC
May 20, 2004 19:06:22 (GMT Time)
ID: 32618

Dear Ms. Yoshikawa,
I am an aspiring young piano performance major at the University of Toronto. I don�t think that you will remember me. I attended your solo recital at the University of British Columbia a few years ago, and I was the one who asked you to point out Jane Coop, who was there at your concert. You have a beautiful website, and I am inspired and encouraged by your performances! I hope that you will stop by the Toronto area in the near future for a performance and a masterclass, because I would love to play for you! Please keep in touch! Yours truly, Savannah

Dear Savannah,
Of course I remember you! Thank you for your message. It�s really wonderful to hear that you have decided to further your piano studies! U of T has a wonderful music programme; you're definitely in great hands. I will certainly let you know if I will be in the Toronto area, so you can sign up and play in my masterclass.
Good luck with your studies!
Sincerely, Christine

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From : George Powell
Email :
Where : Santa Fe
May 3, 2004 20:04:35 GMT ID: 32617

Hi Christine, You have a great web sight. You have a large collection of photos, but I can't determine if you are ever using the soft pedal. How much do you use the soft pedal? I have asked this question quite a bit, and get an amazing variety of answers. This is part of the piano seems to be an enigma. What do you think?

Hello Mr. Powell,
Thank you for your message. Every piano is different in its reaction to the pedals, and much can also be said about the amount of the una corda (soft-pedal) used with respect to the type of piano, and the hall's acoustics. On some pianos, the soft pedal can greatly surpress the projection of the tones in the treble, and even in the bass. I use it to explore variety in colour, and when the score calls for pp, ppp etc.

Tone and pedaling are two of the greatest difficulties! When I have decided on the pedaling in a composition, I rarely deviate from it. But, keep in mind that the pedalling applied to a certain part of a piece is different for each instrument on which it is played, and the location (hall, acoustics etc.). Which pedal to use, and when to use it .... I sometimes play forte with the una corda pedal for color. Pianos vary greatly; on some instruments, the una corda pedal gives a very unpleasant, nasal-like tone. On some, only an occasional note has this tone, but if it is present on any note, I won't apply the una corda.

I hope this answers your question!

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