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From : Nurwingiel
Email :
Where : Athens, Greece
April 20, 2004 10:08:26 GMT
ID: 32616

Hello Cristine!I do feel that your playing "purifes "the earth and makes people happy!I hope to see you in one of your concerts in greece! I'm studying musicology in the uni of athens and I'm working a project on Rachmaninoff's Piano Sonata No. 1 in D-minor, Op. 28, (?) but there is no bibliografy in our library. Has your dissertation been published? I would appreciate some info,because your work could be a great help to our students! thnx for your time, keep making the world happy! *

Dear Nurwingiel, How nice to receive your message, and to hear about your research! I'd be interested in learning more about your investigation of this powerful work! It is so unfortunate that very little scholarly work of substance for that sonata exists. My dissertation should be available through UMI, or various other dissertation databases such as Music Theory Online PhD Dissertation Listings ... perhaps you might be able to download a PDF version of it, and I hope that it can be of some help to your research. The title of my dissertation is: RACHMANINOFF'S INTEGRATIVE TECHNIQUE AND ARCHITECTONIC ORGANIZATION: A SCHENKERIAN ANALYSIS OF ALLEGRO MODERATO, FROM PIANO SONATA NO. 1 IN D MINOR, OPUS 28. My dissertation is just in its copyright stage, all submissions should be completed by mid-May.

How is Univ. of Athens? The weather must be absolutely beautiful this time of year! All the best to you and your research, and please let me know if I can be of some help in completing your project!
Sincerely, Christine

April 22, 2004 17:24:54 GMT
Thank you for your info though we had no luck searching in UMI or MTO... Anyway... Will I ever see you in Athens Concert hall? I'd love to! I'm sending you all my love and my best wishes!*

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From : heidi loewen
Email :
Where : Santa Fe, New Mexico
March 27, 2004 23:00:50 GMT
ID: 32615

Met your very talented sculptor husband at Lumina in Taos last week. Felicia was melting about your piano performance. Bravo!

Dear Ms. Loewen,
Thank you for your message. Hmmmmm ... I had no idea I had a sculptor husband! I'm not sure who you had met at the Lumina Gallery in Taos, NM .... I've just returned from giving a concert at Spaulding Hall on the 27th of March ... I had a fabulous time in the Boston Area. Thank you for your kind words, and all the best to you and your artistic career!
Sincerely, Christine

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From : Hilda Mickelson
Email :
Where : Montreal, Canada
January 21, 2004 08:29:30 EST
ID: 32614

Dearest Christine,
Happy New Year! I am absolutely loving your Portland recital CD you sent me for Christmas, THANK YOU SO MUCH! You are such an inspiration to me, and I am so happy to have met you in person! Love, Your friend and fan always, Hilda

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From : Raoul Santiago
Email :
Where : Rockwall, Texas
December 24, 2003 23:54:59 GMT
ID: 32613

Hey Christine! Merry Christmas! Remember me? It's Raoul the cellist who turned your pages at the NYE's concert in Dallas. Sorry to miss you all this year. (I was really looking forward to hearing you all play again!) If you, or your trio pass through the Dallas area anytime soon, please visit! I should definitely take you all boating/fishing, if Jonathan is still up for it. Happy Holidays to all of you, and wishing you many successes in the New Year! Raoul

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From : Lucas Hamel
Email :
Where : Minneapolis, MN
November 21, 2003 09:12:07 GMT
ID: 32612

Dear Jonathan, Bryan & Christine: Fabulous website! I wanted to thank you for such a fantastic concert you all gave in Duluth last Friday. I studied piano for 18 years, and continued to do so while in college pursuing a degree in religious studies. I have always wanted to be a pianist growing up, but a hand injury a few years ago forced me to put my music dreams aside, and go forth on a different path. Meeting all of you was such a great experience. All my best to you for continued success and happiness. I hope you liked your visit here in Minnesota, and I am looking forward to hearing you again, whenever that might be!
Sincerely, Lucas

Hello Lucas! Thank you so much for your message. It was very nice to meet you after the concert. We loved visiting Duluth! It was absolutely beautiful, and the people are so hospitable. Much success to you at U of M. with your M.A., and all the best to you this Holiday Season! Warm Regards, Cassals

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From : Jon M. Scott
Email :
Where : London
October 23, 2003 02:46:51 GMT
ID: 32611

Dearest Christine,
It�s Jon from your trio wishing you a very Happy Birthday!! I�m in Orlando now, and having a marvelous time. Weather is just gorgeous, mid-80's. California will be beautiful. Sending you lots of big hugs to my absolute favourite pianist! Love, JON

Hey Jon!Thank you so much for your sweet birthday message. Happy Birthday to you too, on the 25th!! See you soon, Love, Christine

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From : Tomas
Email :
Where : Vancouver, BC
October 23, 2003 00:38:48 GMT
ID: 32610

Hello dearest Christine! Happy Birthday, and thank you for my birthday gift! I received your CD in the mail the other day just in time! I can't seem to send you an email, so I shall write here and hope that you'll read it. I had a wonderful birthday with my friends and family, and also with our friend Josh Dinovo, who remembers you from elementary school, do you remember him? Anyway, he says hello, and all of us here in Vancouver enjoyed some great food, wine, and your CD! Congratulations on your career, and love to talk to you sometime soon! With love, Tom

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From : Baughan String Quintet
Email :
October 23, 2003 00:19:29 +0100 BST
ID: 32609

Hello Cassals, hello Christine!!!!!!!!! Happy Birthday to CY from the Baughans!! How are you all doing? We�re off to Greece in a few days. In August, we all went to Moab, Utah, for a four-day rafting trip in Cataract Canyon. We had so much fun, and wished you could have joined us. Call it a short excursion from Denver!! We would have visited you Christine, in Phoenix, but J&B told us you were in Texas. Sorry to have missed you! Please come visit us in London soon ?we�ll work up some Mendelssohn and Schumann! Good luck on your upcoming concerts! Love, Andy, Mike, Alli & Shelly XO

Andy, Mike, Alli & Shelly, thanks for your message. Rafting sounds like quite an adventure, but Greece will be one festive experience! Good luck on your concert tour, and we�ll be having lots of fun on ours. Anxious to see some snow up in Michigan! Love, Cassals

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From : Phillip Goldman
Email :
Where : Tulsa, OK
October 18, 2001 01:53:03 GMT
ID: 32608

Dr. Christine, Thank you for your brilliant presentation and performance at the PEO convention in Oklahoma. My wife and I enjoyed it very much. Congratulations on your Doctoral Research Award, and I look forward to reading your dissertation when it is published. Feel free to stop by for a visit at the Univ. of Oklahoma, perhaps you can come perform for us! Look forward to seeing you again, and please keep in touch! Yours Truly, P.G.

Dear Dr. Goldman,
Thank you so much for your warm message, ... and for the promotion to a "DR"! Not yet, but soon-to-be! I was so honoured to meet you at the convention, and thank you for lending me your insight. I will certainly send along a copy of my dissertation to you once it is complete, and will definitely plan on a trip to Univ. of Oklahoma in the near future. Take care,and thanks so much for writing!
Sincerely, Christine

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From : Bill Thurlow
Email :
Where : Sun Valley, IDAHO
October 16, 2003 19:06:22 (GMT Time)
ID: 32607

Dear Christine,
Heard you on the radio the other day, and enjoyed every minute of it! Congratulations on your career, and hope to catch you in concert soon! Bill

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