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From : Toni Ann Tessler
Email :
Where : Oklahoma City, OK
October 1, 2003 09:32:14 GMT
ID: 32606

Dear Christine, Thank you for a stunning performance in Oklahoma City. We have not met ?I wanted so much to congratulate you after your performance, but it was just impossible for me to fight my way through the crowd. We�ve never attended a classical music performance in the arena, (OKC Phil performs at the Civic Center Music Hall) so what an incredible treat it was! You certainly had a HUGE crowd perhaps over 5000! What were the names of the two songs you performed so beautifully at the VERY end after the Rachmaninoff? We are not members of PEO, but we attended the convention because we heard they invited a young, talented pianist to perform at the Cox Arena. (we�re classical music fans, esp. of piano music!) We�ve now discovered your beautiful website, so we�ll be able to follow your wonderful career. Thank you once again, for touching all our hearts here in Oklahoma with your talent. We�re looking forward to hearing you play again!
Sincerely, Toni Ann & Paul Tessler

P.S. Did you have enough time to do some sight-seeing of OKC?

Dear Mr and Mrs. Tessler, Thank you so much for your kind message, and for attending my performance! The last pieces I performed, were: Nocturne in C-Sharp Minor, Op. Posth. by Frederic Chopin, followed by a Finale from Franz Joseph Haydn's Piano Sonata in A-flat Major, Hob. XVI/45. Though I didn't have much time for sight-seeing, I did manage to take a glimpse of the Oklahoma City National Memorial both during daylight and at night from my taxi window. It certainly has become a beautiful site of remembrance. Thank you for the message, and take care?

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From : Bach
Email :
September 29, 2003 13:23:05 GMT
ID: 32605

Hi, - I just saw that you play Nielsen at your concerts, - could be funny to know what pieces... 5 piano pieces or/and the 3 piano pieces.By the way, - my piano teachers father was a student of Nielsens ;-)
Kind regards,
Kasper Bach

Hello Kaspar, Thank you for your message. It is the Three Piano Pieces, Op. 59 (1928) that I perform in my recitals. Both the Chaconne and the Suite, Op. 45 are very impressive as well, and I hope to incorporate them into my concerts one day! What a small world - to learn about your �connection?with Mr. Nielsen! Do you play any of his music? All the best to your piano studies!

November 14, 2003 23:14:51 GMT
Hi again, - thanks for your answer, - well, I don't actually play the piano anymore, but my wife is a pianist and she playes Nielsen very often, - her teachers teacher was a pupil of Nielsen, - well, he's quite famous in Denmark.Please feel free to visit if you are interested in more information.
Kind regards,
Kasper Bach

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From : Steve
Email :
Where : Arizona
September 13, 2003 02:46:51 GMT
ID: 32604

Hi Christine, You have a fantastic website. I hope all is well in AZ. Your friend, Steve Cook

Hey Steve!! What a nice surprise to receive your message ?AND, it was great to see you, and hear you play again!! The Albright was such a delight to hear ?I�ve recently worked on his Sonata for Saxophone and Piano (1984) with Daniel, and the compositional style of those two works is so diametrically different. It�s always refreshing to hear works that are rarely performed! So, how was sky-diving with Don?  Hope you�re doing well in Chicago?must be VERY cold there? Brrrrr!!! Here, it�s still in the 100�s? unbelievable! Take care, Christine

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From : frohlich michel
Email :
Where : Belgium
August 2, 2003 21:04:45 GMT
ID: 32603

par sympathie de l'europe.M.F.
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From : Arthur Rowe
Email :
Where :
April 8, 2003 03:23:24 GMT
ID: 32602

Hi Christine - Looks like things are going well! I hear you're in a trio. Does the trio have a demo cd? Can you send me information? Best wishes, Arthur

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From : Joann and Paul
Email :
Where : Marina del Rey, California
March 28, 2003 09:03:36 GMT
ID: 32601

With Warmest Regards and Congratulations to you Christine -- Paul and I were so happy to attend your recital and to hear you perform, after many long years! The last time we heard you perform was when you were 6, at the Grand Theatre du Quebec, and as you know, we have since moved away from Vancouver. It was your parents who invited us to your Phoenix concert, and what a delight it was to see you grown up into a very charming, sophisticated, beautiful and talented woman! We are sad to have missed your Laguna Beach concert with your trio, since it would have only been a stone�s throw from our home. But now that you know where we live, please let us know of anything in our neighborhood, and always know that you will have a California �family?who loves you very very much! Your recital was exceptional. What we heard was a deep affinity and love for Rachmaninoff's music coming through your every note; emphasizing the dark passion of your playing and carrying off its extraordinary technical demands with youthful dazzle. Bravo Christine. We look forward to your brilliant future ahead, and eagerly await your CD! Congratulations again! All the best, Paul and Joann Cooper

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From : Nick Ambroisse
Email : ( +61 2 9332 4306)
Where : NSW, Australia
March 15, 2003 11:23:01 GMT
ID: 32600

Christine, Jonathan and Bryan, Many thanks in sharing your talent with us at the Ryman Gallery this afternoon. You are already well on your way in becoming an ensemble of considerable greatness. Your recital was an awe-inspring musical journey full of detail and colour, gorgeous sound, and startling imagination. A thrilling experience! What�s most wonderful is that you are all so incredibly normal and charming! It was a pleasure to meet you, and we hope that you can return to us for our next concert season here in Laguna.
Very Sincerely, Nicholas Ambroisse

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From : KYOKO :-)
Email :
Where : Montreal, Quebec
February 14, 2003 12:08:52 EST
ID: 32599

Dear Jon (Cassals Trio), Thank you so much for your CD. Just returing from Japan to find in my mailbox. It was lovely to attend your trio concert in Quebec, and nice to see you once more after many many years. You all sound wonderful as usual. I am very happy for you and your many accomplishments. Please keep in touch. Happy Valentine's Day!! XOXOXOX
With love, Kyoko.

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From : jon & bry from your trio
Email :
Where : Canada
February 13, 2003 23:10:48 GMT
ID: 32598

Our Dear Christine!!! HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!! Here's a note to put a smile on your face, and to thank you for your love, talent and wonderful musicianship. And, shopping-buddy dearest, Neiman Marcus can never be more fun without you!! Hope this holiday brings you much joy just as much as you have brought ours!! Can't wait 'till our next concert - it's been real fun playin' with 'ya! Miss you and love you lots, J & B

Thanks guys for your sweet message, and Happy Valentine's Day to you too! Hey, when do you guys get to go to NM? :o( Talk to you later! Love, C

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From : Daniel-Jean Moulinet
Email :
Where : Paris, France
January 20, 2003 14:12:05 +0700
ID: 32597

Christine, Votre site est un vrai plaisir. F?icitations! Tant de travail, de telle qualit? est hautement appr?i? Merci. Meilleurs Voeux, Madmoiselle, et bonne continuation. Daniel

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