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From : Michelle Holcombe
Email :
Where : Glasgow, Scotland
January 19, 2003 07:35:29 +0700
ID: 32596

Christine, I was one of the privileged to see you in Birkhall. All I can say is WOW! You were incredible. I came to speak with you after your recital at the reception ?I am the jazz singer/pianist who graduated from Rollins College in Winter Park, Florida. Christine, you are a gracious, beautiful and consummate performer and a wonderful person. I thought you (and your trio) were one of the nicest, most down-to-earth artists I've met at the Festival. I have an upcoming audition at the University of Glasgow next month, so I have been practicing a lot. Please wish me luck!! I know I have gone on enough but I just want to tell you again THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR INSPIRATION! Hopefully one day I will be a successful pianist like yourself and will have the opportunity of meeting you once again. I pray that 2003 is a great year for you and that yours and your trio�s vision for reaching the world with your music becomes an every growing reality. Please keep in touch, and tell me how you are doing.
Michelle from Scotland

Dear Michelle, What a nice surprise to hear from you! Thank you so much for your sweet words, and I am glad to hear that you enjoyed our recital. Best of luck with your auditions next month... I'm sure you will play fabulously! Please let me know if you will be performing in the US/London area as I'd love to attend your recital one day. Wishing you all the very best,
With Warmest Regards, Christine

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From : Valerie Germaine
Email :
Where : Paris, FRANCE
January 14, 2003 06:59:23 +0700
ID: 32595

Ch?e Christine, D'abord je dois vous f?iciter pour ce site. Non seulement parce qu'il est tr? bien fait, pr?ent?et entretenu, mais surtout parce qu'il repr?ente le t?oignage de votre sinc?it? de votre id?lisme en un mot. Je suis pianiste depuis maintenant 15 ans et aimerai trouver des personnes pour partager passions, partitions... Moi je suis pianiste classique et moderne, et actuellement je donne des formations musicales sur la musique en g??al aux ain? de l' universit?du 3e ?e, en passant par l'histoire de la litt?ature musicale et la connaissance sur les compositeurs arrangeurs. Je suis tr? heureuse de donner mes connaissances ?des gens qui savent ?outer et appr?ier les belles choses.

Je tiens ?vous f?iciter pour la qualit?du site d'autant que je suis tr? loin de vous (dans l'Oc?n Indien - Madagascar), et la "bonne" musique. Je viens aussi de d?ouvrir votre site et je voudrais participer aux concert de louanges, que je trouve justifi?s. L'autre jour je suis tomb?sur un enregistrement des ?udes de chopin par Nikolai Mashkov. Je trouvait impressionnant. Il a fait d'autres choses aussi - Rachmaninoff. J'aimerais bien savoir ce que vous pensez de Mashkov. Continuez c'est du beau travail. Vraiment et sinc?ement BRAVO, et Bonne chance! Encore un gros Merci a vous!Amitie, Valerie XOXOXO

Chere Valerie, Merci pour le bonjour exotique! Je n'ai jamais visite ?Madagascar ? J'ai moi m?e travaill?l'?ude 12 op.10 il y a quelques ann?s et oui, les ?udes de Chopin sont tr? impressionnantes! Mais il a compos?des oeuvres bien plus spectaculaires, comme ses sonates, ses ballades et ces tr? c??res concerto...

La premi?e fois que j'ai entendu Nikolay Mashkov, il jouait, ?Paris, avec mon professeur Jean-Luc Pelletier, la Suite no 1 pour deux pianos de Rachmaninov et la sonate en r?de Mozart. Jamais je n'oublierais ce recital. Merveilleux pianiste, dont la musicalit?brillante, sensible, ??ante, fait oublier l'incroyable virtuosit?dont ses mains sont capables. L'ayant bri?ement rencontr??la suite d'un r?ital ?Paris, j'ai vu combien l'homme ?ait authentique, honn?e, sympathique, vous donnant l'envie de devenir son ami. C'est aussi un homme sympathique, ouvert, intelligent et tr? cultiv?- Il a deux enfants!!

Merci encore de votre message et je vous souhaite bonne chance avec votre musique.
Amicalement votre,

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From : Kenji
Email :
Where : Edinburgh, Scotland UK
January 5, 2003 23:08:43 +0700
ID: 32594

Beautiful recital Christine! Nice to meet your trio - such a shame you guys couldn't stay longer. There's never enough time to catch up on our adventures, is there? You must be enjoying your well-deserved rest now. Wishing you the best life has to offer.
Love you,
Your cousin Kenji

Hey Kenji! Thanks for coming out to our concert, and for letting us stay at your apartment! It was so nice to see you after ... 15 years?!?!?! Has it really been that long? :) Please give my love to your mom and dad for me.
Love you too,

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From : Melanie and Jonathan Cullins
Email :
Where : Dallas Texas, USA
January 2, 2003 08:53:49 (CST)
ID: 32593

What a pleasure to see you, and hear your perform again. A warm and heart felt THANK YOU for the countless hours you have, through the special gifts of your incredible crystal-like playing and warm engaging personality that brightened the Lupton Chamber Music Series' New Year�s Eve Gala Concert. Thank you for coming to Dallas to let us enjoy your presence. You are truly an artist, and seem to be so genuine in your approach to music and life. We thank you and your trio for sharing your talent with us. Lastly, thanks for keeping Dallas on your schedule through the years - how fortunate we are! I wish you all safe journeys as you travel to Glasgow, and much luck and happiness in your 2003 endeavors.
Very Sincerely Yours,
Melanie and Jonathan Cullins

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From : Robert Linden
Email :
Where : Montclair, NJ
January 1, 2003 21:06:29 (CST)
ID: 32592

Happy New Year Ms. Yoshikawa. I echo the sentiments of your wonderful concert at the Preston Mansion last night. I had the extraordinary pleasure of not only seeing your wonderful recital, but of meeting you with our mutual friends, Patti and George. It was a glorious evening that sparkled with your warmth and spirit. May you be blessed with much success as you scale new heights this year. Thank you for sharing your wonderful talent with us all. Your sound is astoundingly pure and rich and the recital your ensemble put on at the mansion was nothing short of fantastic. It was so special to meet you!
Sincerely, Robert Linden

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From : Raoul Santiago
Email :
Where : Rockwall, Texas
December 22, 2002 07:14:09 (CST)
ID: 32591

Hey Cassals!! Merry Christmas! I'm the cellist you met at your concert in Dallas a couple of months ago. I felt kind of awful for not sending you some lines in my previous mail to Bryan. My apologies! Anyway, how was your Christmas? I had a wonderful time with my family. I hear you are returning to Dallas for a New Year's Concert - could you please tell me when and where you are performing? Is it a trio or duo concert? Would LOVE to attend your recital. Do you have many friends in Texas? We live near this awesome lake, Lake Ray Hubbard, so if you like, we could give you a tour around town, and do some boating/fishing?. Looking forward to seeing you all again!
Your friend, Raoul Santiago

Hi Raoul, Merry Christmas to you also! I'm glad to hear that you had a wonderful holiday. On 12/31, we're performing at the New Year's Eve Gala at the Preston Mansion (8620 Jourdan Way) in Dallas. Jon (our violinist from the trio) will be playing with us, so you two can finally meet! Thanks for the boating invitation - we'd love to go fishing, and hop a ride around town in your new SUV! I do have some friends in Texas, and I think Jon has relatives in Plano and San Antonio. It was nice to read your mail. See you at our concert!
Jon, Bryan & Christine

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From : Mike, Andy, Ali & Shelly
Email :
Where : London
December 20, 2002 14:23:01 BST
ID: 32590

Merry Christmas Cassals Trio!!!! How are you all doing? I'm sure you've heard from Bryan, but we just back from a tour of Austria performing 4tets of Beethoven, Bartok, and Barber! Wished you could all join us. Bryan, you must be in Canada now - or are you still in AZ? In any case, we wanted to wish you all the best for a wonderful holiday season, and looking forward to seeing you here on the 2nd! We're so excited to perform the Chausson Op. 21 and the Schubert with you! It's going to be wonderful. Afterwards Christine, how about that trip to the Urban Retreat at Harrods? They've just refurbished the spa, and it's absolutely gorgeous! You'll love it. Enjoy your Christmas, and we'll see you in Glasgow on the 2nd.
Mike (Baughan 4tet)

Dear Mike, Andy, Allison & Shelly: Thanks so much for the Holiday Cheer!! Merry Christmas to you too, and welcome back from Vienna! I've heard many stories from Bryan. He just left for Montreal - he stopped here in Phoenix for about 7 hours, and was so amazed at how warm it was here! Things are going well here ... now that my teaching is finished for the year, I now can devote my time entirely to my practice. Looking forward to seeing you in two weeks, and yes Allison, we WILL finally go to the spa!
Love, Christine

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From : Raoul Santiago
Email :
Where : Texas
December 16, 2002 03:40:38 CST
ID: 32589

Hi Christine and Brian! How are you both doing? I'm the cellist you met last month at the Patron's concert reception after your awesome recital. I was so inspired by both your performances, and enjoyed SO much your Beethoven, that I now have learned it and will play it in my audition next semester. It's wonderful to see someone so young, concertizing around the world like you both do. It's envious actually!! And, on top of that, you both are such great people - not like some artists who are COMPLETELY in love with themselves, if you know what I mean! I think that your performance convey the warmth that you both have.

Bryan, I would like some advice on cello playing. First, on stacattos. When I hit hard enough to get a good, but quick tone, I end up bouncing too much. Do you have a secret for this? Also, I can't stand the sound of my C string! I would love to hear your advice on this! My decision on wanting to go to music next year is finalized, and I'm so excited about it! Thanks for your time, Raoul

Raoul, I'm very glad to hear that you've made your decision on pursuing music, and I'm sure Christine will be too. The C string - The C is always harder to sound, and it is made more so by a less responsive instrument or a hard to bow string. First, I would try using slower bow strokes with heavier arm weight, though you should "connect" before providing too much lateral motion. I haven't heard you play so I can't really "diagnose" your situation. Upon watching you play, your teacher should be able to advise you better. If you still can't achieve the sound you are looking for, I can only suggest replacing your string with tungsten strings - very expensive, but more responsive. About stacattos, again, it's quite hard to explain over the internet! Just as a teacher would teach students "how" to write, a teacher/writer who insists on "telling" you things, isn't really doing you much good. A teacher must "show" what he/she is attempting to explain. So I would advise you to insist your teacher that he "show" you how to achieve a good stacatto. To answer your question about my secret, I don't have any. Sorry for the dissapointment!

I hope this finds you helpful!
Sincerely, Bryan

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From : Masa Mizuno
Email :
Where : Santa Clara, California, USA
December 16, 2002 03:40:38 GMT
ID: 32588

Hello Christine: I found your website by surfing the net. It is amazing to see how much you accomplished. I am a ASU graduate who studied with Robert Hamilton. I wish I could have heard you playing when you gave a recital at the University of Florida as I graduated from UF last year studying piano with Boaz Sharon. I am not a pianist anymore but an engineer now. But I hope to hear you playing the piano someday in the future. You are going to be a famous pianist sometime. Masa Mizuno

Dear Masa, What a small world! Thanks so much for your message. I met Boaz a few years ago, and it was such a pleasure to be a visiting artist at UF! It's truly a beautiful campus, and I must admit it was wonderful to perform at your beautiful Auditorium. Did you complete your B.Mus here at ASU? How is your engineering career? I will certainly let you know if I am giving a concert in the Santa Clara area. Wishing you all the best for 2003! Christine

Hello Christine: Yes, I got my BM in piano performance from ASU. After I graduated from ASU, I became a graduate assistant in piano at UF and won the music competition there. After I got my MS in electrical engineering from UF, I worked as an engineer in Boston. I worked in Japan last year and this year as well. I just came back from Japan three months ago to work here in Silicon Valley, California. I am currently an engineer for a Japanese semiconductor company. I gave up piano and became an engineer. It was very difficult for me to change from music to engineering. But I am doing well engineering-career-wise. Yes, I do have a website at It is all about piano competitions. Please say hello to Mr. Hamilton. I am pretty sure he remembers me. Happy Holidays! Masa

Happy Holidays to you too Masa! I will certainly pass a hello to Mr. Hamilton for you. I haven't seen him in a while, but I need to meet with him sometime over the weekend. Do you both keep in touch still? Japan must have been fun for you ... I lived there for two years, and I miss it. It's such a beautiful country, and very rich in the arts and culture (and they have GREAT food too!!)
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

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From : Tom
Email :
Where : Vancouver, BC
December 14, 10:09:22 (GMT Time)
ID: 32587

My Dearest Christine,
Hey, it's Tomas! Great to hear you in concert. How are you? Congratulations on a great career. I knew you would be a great pianist from the day I met you in grade 4. As I told you, I haven't kept up the piano, but after hearing you play again, I am now more inspired than ever to pick up the piano once again! I should have continued with piano ... I gave up since you kept beating me in competitions! haha! just joking! Anyway, SOOO nice to talk to you, and I hope that we can keep in touch, and come visit my office next time you're in town for Christmas! Love, Tom

Dear Tom,
Wow, thank you for your message! Yes, it was really nice to catch up with you after ALL these years, and good luck with your wonderful career! I'll keep you in mind next time I'm in Vancouver, or in need of a great dentist! :o) Love, C

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