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From : Your cellist Bryan Niek
Email :
Where : Merry Old England
December 08, 2002 10:43:14 +0700(BST)
ID: 32586

My Dear Christine,
Either you've completely fallen off the planet, or you're absolutely swamped with your usual crazy workload! You are impossible to reach!!How are you? I figured I'd write here, since my email I sent you bounced back. I have a lay-over in Phoenix on the 19th for 7 hours before I fly up north, and I wondered if you'd be available/interested in rehearsing with me for our concert?? I get in at 11 am on Thursday and I will go straight to ASU. My fault for losing your cell number - I'm still in London, so you can e-mail me. Let me know if you'll be in AZ! Bryan

Hey Brian! I sent you an email this morning, and it was returned to me, so I think there may be something wrong with your server. So anyway, I will leave a message here. The 19th sounds fine, though I must go to the Motor Vehicle Office to renew my permit in the morning - the deadline is Thurs (19th), and until then, I am listening to piano juries all day. My Mon-Wed. schedule run from 7:45am to 6pm, and the DMV office close at 5. I'm going there first thing in the morning, so I should be done by noon. Rehearsal should be fine! I should be in my office by about 1 or so. See you soon!!

Oh, and bring your Rachmaninoff. Bye!

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From : Casey Wong
Email :
Where : Los Angeles, CA
November 30, 2002 01:36:12 GMT
ID: 32585

Marie-Christine!!!!!!! Greetings from your old high school classmate!! We were in eighth grade together, and we were science lab parters, and we acidentally blew up Mr. Cousineau's cast iron sink with liquid nitrogen trying to create fog for our presentation. Do you remember me? I now live in LA, and working on my Ph.D in Biochem at UCLA. I've graduated from UCLA with my B.M. in violin, and decided to go into the sciences, and I really enjoy it! Anyway, one day back in March, I was listening to KUSC radio - THE major classical music station here in LA (!!)- a program called Classical Tresasures, and what a BIG surprise! I could not believe it! I listened to your interview, and I just couldn't figure out if it was the Christine I knew 12 years ago!!! I was so touched to hear you, and I finally found you on the internet! I am so happy for what you've accomplished thus far. Congratulations on your beautiful website, and a wonderful career, and I'm sure that many more successes will follow your bright future ahead. If you're ever in the LA area anytime soon, PLEASE look me up!! I'd love to meet up with you, and hear about all your wonderful career! If you want, you can see my lab, and I'll tell everything you need to know about RNA enzymes, eukaryotic proteins and sp3 stabilization!!! I'm so proud of you. You're a STAR!!!
Love, Cassandra

Dear Cassandra, Of course I remember my science lab parter!!! Wow, you've really taken this field to heart, and congratulations to you also on your successes! I'd love to hear all about your research, and eukaryotic proteins! Actually I took a Biochemistry class my first year at UVic, so I studied those proteins and the transmemberane ones, prokaryotic gene structure and multi-gene RNA vectors, but I am no scientist!! I do agree with having a passion for this - it has unlimited potential for enriching our quality of life, just like the field of classical music! I will be in the LA area in January, and so we will definitely get together!! Hope you will have a wonderful Christmas, and best wishes for the New Year!
Love, Christine

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From : Masa Mizuno
Email :
Where : Santa Clara, California, USA
October 22, 2002 03:24:28 GMT
ID: 32584

Hello Christine: I found your website by surfing the net. It is amazing to see how much you accomplished. I am a ASU graduate who studied with Robert Hamilton. I wish I could have heard you playing when you gave a recital at the University of Florida as I graduated from UF last year studying piano with Boaz Sharon. I am not a pianist anymore but an engineer now. But I hope to hear you playing the piano someday in the future. You are going to be a famous pianist sometime.
Masa Mizuno

Dear Masa,
What a small world! Thanks so much for your message. I met Boaz a few years ago, and it was such a pleasure to be a visiting artist at UF! It's truly a beautiful campus, and I must admit it was wonderful to perform at your beautiful Auditorium. Did you complete your B.Mus here at ASU? How is your engineering career? I will certainly let you know if I am giving a concert in the Santa Clara area. Wishing you all the best for 2003!

P.S. The other day, I was surfing the internet for a search on a concerto, and I came across YOUR website!!! Congratulations on performing the Liszt A Major Concerto with the UFSO!

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From : Anna and Paul Bruijsschaert
Email :
Where : Dallas, Texas
October 20, 2002 12:03:58 GMT
ID: 32583

Dear Christine,
My husband and I had the pleasure and honor in meeting you and Bryan at your concert yesterday afternoon. It was a very lovely program, with abundance of warmth, power, sensitivity and superb technique. The last work on your recital, the sonata for Cello and Piano in A major by Beethoven, is one of our favorite works since my husband and I were in college, and we have programmed it in most of our concerts together. Your performance of this piece had such confidence, muscularity, joyous simplicity, and profundity that captured the warmth, charm and true essence of Beethoven. Our sincere thank you for sharing your time and wonderful talent. It was very unfortunate that your violinist had the flu, and we wish him a speedy recovery for your upcoming trio engagements. We hope that the two of you enjoyed your stay in Dallas, and we wish you both, continued success in your respective concert careers.
Very Sincerely Yours,
Anna & Paul Bruijsschaert

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From : Aaron Tseng
Email :
Where : New York, NY
October 2, 2002 11:05:12 EST
ID: 32582

Christine, I am a film composer/pianist whom you met in the lobby outside Shepherd Hall after your concert. I was so inspired by your performance, and was spellbound by the sheer physical presence and passion you brought to the music. But mostly, I admire you simply because of who you are as a person, your beauty, your talent, and your awesome personality and most times it is very difficult in finding a star who has it all. Since having heard you in concert, I have listened to the first sonata of Rachmaninoff by various artists - Kasman, Biret, Laredo - ALL of which lacked the warmth and sensitivity you brought in your recital that night. It was the most perfect expressions of Rachmanninov's whirling passion, and the Lento was full of love, warmth and charm. I am so honored to have met you in New York, and I eagerly await your upcoming CD. Do you have any 'favorite' pianists in particular whom you model from, past and present? Is there one in particular you cherish most? Lastly, can you suggest an excellent recording of the Tchaikovsky Piano Concerto? I would love to know your thoughts on this. Congratulations on your wonderful career and beautiful web page, and I hope that I can hear you in concert once again.
With great admiration,

Thank you for your thoughtful message, Aaron. In response to your question regarding my 'favorite' pianist, I have great difficulty narrowing my list down to one or two. In fact, I have many of whom I am inspired by. Usually, I base my favorites on listening to a particular piece performed by various artists. Sometimes an artist will specialize in works by a certain composer. When I find an affinity to a certain pianist performing a particular piece, it is likely that I will find a different 'favorite' pianist for a different work. Most times though, I will enjoy all the great qualities each artist offers. To name a few, I do enjoy recordings of Emanuel Ax, Byron Janis, Santiago Rodriguez, Anton Kuerti (esp. for Beethoven & Schubert), Murray Perahia (Handel/Scarlatti), Angela Hewitt (Bach) Alfred Cortot (Chopin) and of course Rachmaninoff , where his performances are simply usurpassed, and nothing short of sheer brilliance.

There are many wonderful recordings of Tchaikovsky's concerto. By means of comparison, there are two among the collections I own that stands out most: Horowitz/Toscanini with the NBC Symphony, and the Rubenstein/Leinsdorf with the Boston Symphony. I hope this finds you helpful, and and it was certainly nice to hear from you.

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From : Daniel Longton
Email :
Where : Ottawa, Canada
September 29, 2002 09:47:52 EST
ID: 32581

Dear Christine, This past March, I heard your name on CBC radio, and subsequently read an article about you in the Toronto Globe and Mail. This summer, I visited the Canadian Music Centre in Vancouver, and discovered your wonderful 1998 live recording of Stephen Chatman's Black and White Fantasy for Piano. What a profound and distinctive work, your musicality was as striking as your virtuosity. I must confess, I followed the recording with the score - with no negative intensions nor doubts on your artistry, but simply because I do not know the work quite well - and was stunned with your precision, energy and your fastidious perfection. What a furious excercise! Bravo. I am looking forward to your Chicago recital on the 14th of March as I would very much like to meet you afterwards. What will you be performing? I am also a concertizing pianist from London, (and an avid Rachmaninov fan!!) and am now based in the Ottawa area. I wish you every luck in your brilliant career, and I will see you in Chicago in 2003. Sincerely, Dan

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From : Sylvain Couvillers
Email :
Where : Paris, France
September 12, 2002 12:20:03 +0700 BST
ID: 32580

Bonjour Christine, Je suis tres contente d'avoir trouvé ce site!! (Je suis un ami de Cecile et de Steve !!!) Je trouve votre site tres interresant, magnifique, et touchant vous avez de tres bon talent !!!:o)xOxOxOxOxO Je suis un pianist dans mon pays(la France) et fascinee par tout ce qui cree des emotions... Votre pays est propice au deferlement d'emotions...nature incomparable...hivers longs et froids..population jeune et dynamique...JE VOUS ADORE!!! Merci infiniement de m'offrir la joie de vivre. Je reviendrai à nouveau, le coeur emplit d'espoir. Je suis aller sur ce site d'abord pour la musique mais ensuite il ma sembler tellement interessant que je me devais del'explorer... Ah oui une dernière chose! J'aimerais bien savoir ce que vous pensez de Glen Gould! Ecrivez-moi SVP!! J'aimerais beaucoup en parler avec toi. (Je passe le bonjour aux C et S) A Bientot!!! Sylvain

Merci pour votre mot très sympathique au sujet de mon pays, Canada.. C'est vraiment de la belle pays, ET de la belle musique (Glenn Gould) et je pense que ça fait du bien a tout le monde de pouvoir ouvrir son ame a cet pianist. Pres de 20 ans apres sa mort, le monde lui paie encore son tribut d'honneurs. J'ai adorer Mr. Gould - c'est étonnant que la poèsie d'une si haute qualité; il n'y a pas de mot pour décrire cette merveille. Je recommande Glenn Gould 1981 Goldberg Variations, en particulier ses magnifiques enregistrements de Bach, de Beethoven et de Schoenberg a tous ... sont extraordinairement frappants de vérité de sincérité et de naturels. Cecile et Steve!! Je les manque beaucoup! Sylvain, ou etudiez-vous la musique? A Paris? Qui est votre professeur? Continuez votre beau travail!! Bien amicalement, Christine

September 14, 2002 01:10:12 +0700 BST
Salut Christine! Merci mille fois de ton message. Je reviendrai bercer vos coeurs et vous chantai lamour, je reviendrai et je vous jure que nous tous nous rempliront les coeurs par nos mots damour. Je vous aimes pianistes car vous vous batissez sur lamour et vos coeurs je vosu le jure en tireront la plus douce des récompenses. J'ai 27 ans, comme vous... Je suis originaire de Montreal (!!), habitant la France (Paris) maintenant. Je suis une pianist aussi, mais je suis une etudiante a L'universite a Paris-Sud, a la Faculte de Pharmacie de Chatenay-Malabry. C'est tres amusement! Christine, Merci, merci et merci encore.. Je reviendrai à nouveau, le coeur emplit d'espoir. Ne m'oubli pas S.V.P. Celle qui a encore besoin de toi! A Bientot, Sylvain xoxo

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From : Natalie Saunders
Email :
Where : Montreal et Trois-Rivi?es
September 8, 2002 12:04:23 EST
ID: 32579

Bonjour Christine-Marie! J'ai ??enchant?de te connaitre ainsi que ta belle famille. Je te f?icite pour tout ce travail - tu as beaucoup de talent et merci de le partager avec nous. Ton site est tres bien fait et tres interessant. Je vous souhaite de passer de super beaux moments pr?ent, ?toi, ainsi qu'?tous ceux qui t'entourent ! A tr? bient? je l'espere... Tenderesse, Natalie

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From : Normand Reed
Email :
Where : Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Quebec
September 5, 2002 07:51:03 EST
ID: 32578

Bonjour, je m'apelle Normand et j'ai bien aimer votre site! Je suis une tr? grande fan de musique classique et admire tous ceux et celles qui prennent le temps de faire conna?re et partager leurs passions avec les autres. Je suis un amateur (pianist) et je m'?late bien dans cette activit?(en plus de mon travail). Je viens juste de faire quelques voyages sur votre site, bravo, encore et encore... on ne se l?se jamais. Continuez ainsi, vous fa?es du beau travail!
Au plaisir,

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From : Lance & Delilah Knapp
Email :
Where : New Paltz, NY
August 31, 2002 07:21:05 EST
ID: 32577

Dear Christine: My husband and I had the great pleasure of attending your performance this summer at Shepherd Concert Hall (NY). You held the audience spellbound by your expressivity ?and we all agreed we had never heard such beautiful Rachmaninoff playing! Your agility and virtuosity are extraordinary. Bravissimo!! You REALLY wowed your New York audience!!!! And, fabulous website - we will be able to keep in touch with what you are doing worldwide! Your parents must be so proud of you, and we are too!! You will always be our piano princess!! Please give our love to your mom and dad for us. Best wishes, Lance and Delilah Knapp

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Knapp, Thank you so much for your sweet message! How are you both doing? I hope we can see each other again.. perhaps you can visit me and my family in Vancouver someday! I will pass on your message to my mom and dad, who I know will be so pleased to have heard from you. I am in the midst of working on a recording project which will include the first Rachmaninoff Sonata (the one I performed), and when it is released, I will send you a CD! It was so nice to have met you, and I hope to see you very soon!! Sending you my love, Christine

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