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From : Emmeline Fournier
Email :
Where : Montreal, Quebec
August 26, 2002 12:34:01 EST
ID: 32576

Salut, Christine! J'espere que tu te souviens de moi! Je suis allee a votre concert a Montreal. C'etait MAGNIFIQUE!! Tous les audience ont applaudit avec grand passion. De toute facon, je souhaite que tout ira tres bien avec toi. A bientot!! Bisoux, Emmeline

Bonjour Emmeline!! Merci de votre message, et merci de visiter ma site!! J'ai deja ecrit quelques mots a repondre apres ton e-mail, il me faut laisser un autre sur ici pour faire de te remercier. Je suis desolee de ne pas repondre a ton message, a ce moment la j'etais tres tres occupee.. (quelle mauvaise excuese !!) Bon, j'espere tout ira magnifique a ta vie.
Je vous embrasse, Christine

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From : Nick Bosco
Where : Milan, Italy
August 23, 2002 02:42:57 +0700
ID: 32575

Dear Christine: It was delightful meeting you and hearing you play Albeniz during my impromptu visit to Christ Church Cathedral last week. I have heard so much about the cathedral, and have always wanted to visit with my dad! And, what a treat indeed to have heard a wonderful young artist! You are an inspiration. I wish you all my very best in your career, and please let me know if you will visit Milan or London! Your most devoted fan, Nick

Nick, Thanks for your kind words, and it was nice meeting you too! Christ Church Cathedral IS beautiful, isn't it? I'm afraid I don't have concerts scheduled in the Milan area at this moment, but I would love to visit Italy one day. Good luck with your studies at the University of Cambridge. Looks like I may be performing some chamber music in London next year, so I will give you a call when I'm in town. See yoou soon!

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From : Jennifer Cunningham, LLP
Email :
Where : Los Angeles, CA
August 21, 2002 12:34:01
ID: 32574

Christine, this is Jennifer - (we sat together and exchanged business cards on the AAflight from Dallas to Chicago) Well, I feel quite lucky to have sat beside two international jet-set artists! Shelly told me that she was on her way to London, and is that where you reside as well? I hope that you are well-rested from your travels. From our conversation, it sounded as though your home is in Santa Monica, but perhaps your home is in England. I visited your website, and was VERY impressed with your career. Congratulations! Sounds like you live in Phoenix! Any chance of getting a CD of your work? For upcoming concerts in the LA area, please let us know! I would very much love to hear you play.
Sincerely, Jennifer

Dear Jennifer, What a wonderful surprise to read your mail! The quartet is now in London, and yes, I am well-rested from my travels this summer. My home is in sunny Phoenix; our concert presenter and the quartet reside in London. Santa Monica is where my rehearsal studio is; my stay was wonderful yet intense - rehearsals that went into the late hours. It's quite difficult to sustain an ensemble, when your colleagues live half way around the globe. We plan to make an appearance in the Pacific Palisades area in the spring of 2003, and we will certainly let you know, and would love to see you there! My new solo album is in progress, and I will certainly keep you in mind for that.
Cheers, Christine

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From : Ryoichi
Email :
Where : Tokyo Japan
August 17, 2002 11:19:07 +1600
ID: 32573

Marichan!!!!! Todoitayo! Sugoi Hagaki Arigato. Ima Bali ni kiteru yo.. mushiatsui. Konoaida, piano no enso subarashikattane Omedeto I go back to Tokyo on 25th. I move now on the Sugamo-Jizo-dori Ave, and 20 minites by bike from my home to Hongo Campus Tokyo University. Please send me E-mail. Thank you. Genkidene!

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From : Robyn Johnson
Email :
( )
Where : Evanston, Illinois
August 14, 2002 14:49:25 -0500
ID: 32572

Hello Christine! UPPs For Downs asked Michael if he would like to make a design for a T-shirt. They wanted hands and a piano or a violin for a recital by Sujeet Desai, the well known classical musician who was born with Down syndrome. Michael chose the piano because he likes to play the keyboard.

Michael used a transparent ruler with a graph printed on it to draw thewith a graph printed on it to draw the keyboard line by line. He placed the ruler on his own keyboard and counted the rows of blocks and then he did the same on the watercolor board for the illustration. Key by key. A friend who plays piano let Michael draw his hands on the keyboard. When Michael was done, the drawing was much too big to fit on a T-shirt. He copied it and reduced his sketch to fit the illustration. Michael loves music. He listens to classical every morning before he gets up. He listens to classical and early jazz while he paints. And he likes to play his keyboard. Thank you for your time!
Robin, Michael's mom

Dear Robin and Michael, Thank you so much for your messages, and the beautiful paintings! I wish Michael all the best. He is truly blessed with a wonderful talent, and I'm glad that he enjoys classical music so much. Keep up the good work!
Kindest Regards,
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From : Andy
Email :
London, England
August 5, 2002 04:28:31 +0700
ID: 32571

Hey Christine!!!!! Check out my email address... sound familiar eh? Hope you got into Phoenix ok. Had lots of fun playing with you in Montreal this summer, and congratulations in New York! That's really wonderful. I'm sure everyone loved your Rachmaninov! PLEASE, please visit us in London soon for rehearsals! We're really excited about the quintet, and even more excited for our crazy South American tour! Can't wait to see those Piranas!!
Keep in touch!
Love, Andrew

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From : Katja Haas
Email :
Where : Frankfurt, Deutschland
June 10, 2002 09:42:57 +0700 br> ID: 32570

Christine!!! Wie geht es Ihnen? Sehr gelungener Auftritt im Internet.... Eine wundersch?e Hompage f? eine hervorragende Pianistin!! Ich freue mich auf das Konzert am 7.16.02 im New York! Good Luck!! Ich gratuliere sehr herzlich. Danke f? alles! Katja-Isabelle

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From : Jean-Francois Soranaka
Email :
Where : Paris
June 8, 2002 14:35:01 +0100
ID: 32569

Une grande artiste, superbe pianiste egalement ravissante et charmante... Merci, Christine, pour ce beau cadeau que vous nous avez offert par votre talent. C 'etait un grand privilege de vous decouvrir et nous sommes surs de votre avenir. A bientot ... Londres?!

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From : Andreas Frohlich
Email :
Where : Kunsthochschule000 f? Medien K?n - K?n, Deutschland
May 31, 2002 05:10:38 +0700
ID: 32568

Dear Christine, Hallo! Herzlichen Gl?kwunsch zum website! Ich freue mich auf Ihr n?hstes Konzert hier folgendes Jahr in Deutschland. Gr��e auch von Nikolaus!! Viele Gr��e mit Liebe, Andreas

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From : Frank Ursow
Email : HomePage:
Where : Toronto ONT
May 10, 2002 12:08:20 EST
ID: 32567

Dear Christine,Thank you so much for sending me your CD of your recent concert from the Brentwood Bay Chamber Music Festival. I was quite fortunate to come across your live recording of Stephen Chatman's Black and White Fantasy for Piano at the CMC Vancouver during my visit last month, and was quite impressed with your wonderful playing. I have followed your career with great interest since we met, and I am very sorry to have missed your trio concert. Now that I have your recording, I listen to it and enjoy it very much. I have heard news that you are currently working on a recording project of Rachmaninoff with Northsky. What will be included, and when will it be released? I hope to attend your Montreal concert in July. What works will you be performing? I send you my best wishes for years of continued artistic success!
F. Ursow

Dear Mr. Ursow Thank you for your kind message, and I am glad to hear that you enjoyed my concert at BBCMF. I am looking forward to returning to Montreal in July! I will be performing with London's Baughan String Quartet and Double-Bassist Jonathan Balzar in a performance of Mendelssohn's Sextet in D Major. I am also performing the Beethoven 'Kreutzer' Sonata and Brahms d minor sonata with the first violinst of the Baughan Quartet. Please stop by to say hello after my concert!
Kindest Regards, Christine

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