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From : James McInnes
Email :
Where : San Francisco, CA
April 21, 2002 11:03:17 GMT
ID: 32566

CHRISTINE!! Finally, back in San Francisco from a very crazy, but rewarding trip to Ireland! Just finished performing the Britten Serenade for Tenor, Horn and Strings with conductor Keith Nolan. So exhausted, but otherwise, very well.. now trying to put together the Rossini Cenerentola for this summer!! I emailed you but my message bounced back, probably due to your overflowing inbox!! I don't blame you though... I know what it's like to travel, and not have access to a computer. Remember the concert I gave in Oslo with Raymond? Well, the other day, my manager contacted me, for a re-engagement, plus a couple of VERY lucrative gigs!! So, I wanted to know what your schedule is like in June 2003!! It's going to be a very exciting project for me, and I would love so much, to share it withmy dear best friend in the world! We haven't worked together for.... 5 years now?!?!? Let me know, and I'd love to hear from you!
Love, James

Hey James! Thanks for your message! I'm sorry to not have received your email. Actually,when my inbox becomes full, and once it exceeds the 2 MB limit, it automatically erases all my messages. Isn't that awful?!?! Lots to say... I don't know where to begin! First, congratulations for your many successes in Dublin, and best wishes for Milan this summer! And, yes! I would love so much to perform with you in Norway! Thanks for your sweet words, and as it is for you, it will be such a pleasure to peform with one of my best friends too! That's true, it's been five years since our last concert. Can't believe it! Well, please send me your program! Sounds like a very fun project!
Love, Christine

May 3, 2002 01:10:12 GMT
Hey! Here's the list of works for the 3 recitals:Beethoven An die ferne Geliebte , Britten Michelangelo Sonnets ,Schubert Schwanengesang, Hahn Chansons Grises, and some songs by Falla or Halfter. Once the date is finalized, Renee will contact your management for your press kit. Looking forward to some great concerts!!!
Love, J

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From : Shelly-Ann Miller
Email :
Where : London, England
April 30, 2002 12:08:20 +0100 BST
ID: 32565

Dearest Christine,
It's been so long since we talked on the phone. How are you? How is your Trio? Our 4tet is doing great. Totally missing YOU though... but looking forward to the Mendelssohn sextet with you next season! You must have an extremely busy schedule - we're recovering from our exhausting tour of Germany, and getting repertoire ready for Paris in the summer. When will you be stopping over in London? Hope all is well, and good luck on your concerts this summer!! Please give our love to your trio from us!! With Love from the Baughan Quartet: Shelly, Allison, Michael & Andy

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From : Natalie Saunders
Email :
Where : Gaspe, PQ
April 7, 2002 01:10:12 EST
ID: 32564

Dear Ms. Yoshikawa,
I recently found out that your concert here in Quebec has been rescheduled for early July this year! I have thought about you, and wondered how you are were doing. Will you be performing the same program you had planned for your original concert?We are all looking forward to hosting you, and hearing your music again at the Chateau on the new 9 foot Bosendorfer! See you in just a few months... Kindest Regards, Natalie

Dear Ms. Saunders,
Thank you for your kind message, and your warm welcome!I am looking forward to returning to Quebec for my July concert, and to enjoy your newly acquired Bosendorfer!! My program will consist of Brahms Variations on an Original Theme, selections from Rachmaninoff's Op. 32/39, and the first piano sonata, Op. 28. See you very soon!
Sincerely, Christine

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From : Frank Ursow
Email :
Where : Toronto ONT
May 10, 2002 12:08:20 EST
ID: 32563

Dear Christine,Thank you so much for sending me your CD of your recent concert from the Brentwood Bay Chamber Music Festival. I was quite fortunate to come across your live recording of Stephen Chatman's Black and White Fantasy for Piano at the CMC Vancouver during my visit last month, and was quite impressed with your wonderful playing. I have followed your career with great interest since we met, and I am very sorry to have missed your trio concert. Now that I have your recording, I listen to it and enjoy it very much. I have heard news that you are currently working on a recording project of Rachmaninoff with Northsky. What will be included, and when will it be released? I hope to attend your Montreal concert in July. What works will you be performing? I send you my best wishes for years of continued artistic success!
F. Ursow

Dear Mr. Ursow Thank you for your kind message, and I am glad to hear that you enjoyed my concert at BBCMF. I am looking forward to returning to Montreal in July! I will be performing with London's Baughan String Quartet and Double-Bassist Jonathan Balzar in a performance of Mendelssohn's Sextet in D Major. I am also performing the Beethoven 'Kreutzer' Sonata and Brahms d minor sonata with the first violinst of the Baughan Quartet. Please stop by to say hello after my concert! Kindest Regards, Christine

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From : Robin Silverstein
Email :
Where : Victoria, British Columbia
February 27, 2005 20:03:51 +0700
ID: 32562

Dear Christine, Jon & Bryan, Such a delight to hear you all perform on Sunday night! You gave a performance that was so fresh, and technically dazzling, balanced with homogeneous interpretation, sensitivity, and heartfelt conviction. Bravo!! What a wonderfully exuberant, and charming ensemble!!

Christine, it was certainly wonderful to hear you perform once again! The last time I heard you, was in your outstanding solo recital six years ago at UVic that I still treasure, when you were a pupil of Arthur Rowe. I see that you are still performing on the world stage, and congratulations are in order for your many achievements!! We are all looking forward to your trio's Gala Concert at the 2002 Salt Spring Island Chamber Music Festival - Bryan mentioned at the reception that you are in the midst of perparing trios of Ravel and Rachmaninov for this concert? What an exciting program!! Congratulations once again, and thank you for your beautiful, and totally engaging performance!!

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From : Cecile & Steve Grainger
Email :
Where : Paris, France
January 4, 2002 02:17:47 +0100
ID: 32561

Marie-Christine!!! Bonjour et bonne annee 2002! I can't believe I ran into your website by accident!! It's beautiful!!I don't know if you remember me, we used to study at Conservatoire National Superieur de Musique 1992-93?? (I just married a wonderful American cellist, which is why my last name is Grainger.) I often think of our fun days studying together in Paris, and hanging out with your cousin Marc!!!! (Did he make it to Denmark with his Beethoven 4?) I see that you are doing wonderfully, and still much in love with Rachmaninoff! Your career is most impressive! Felicitations!!! I'd love to hear you perform again, perhaps in Paris someday?? Steve and I just got a beautiful apartment on Rue Leroux (16th arron.), actually a block away from your beautiful apartment where you and Marc used to live, with your lovely German Shepherd! I hope you both can visit us soon! I miss you, and your beautiful music... I still have very fond memories of your performance of Ravel's Tombeau de Couperin. Please keep in touch! I'm sorry that we lost touch with each other. Je vous embrasse.
Love, Cecile

Bonjour Cecile, Of course I remember you! You've brought back many fond memories of my stay in Paris with Marc, and I thank you to this day for your sweet friendship. I do miss our late afternoon ice cream at Berthillons on the Champs-Elysses, and our crazy Pompidou gigs!!!! How could I forget!

Congratulations on your wedding with Steve!! You've got to send me pictures of your wedding! That's wonderful. Are you performing much in Paris? I would love to visit Paris again soon. My cousin Marc is no longer with me - he passed away in March,1999 in a terrible car crash. Yes, he was invited to perform Beethoven 4 in Denmark, and it was a great success for him. I am still feeling the loss of a wonderful, and dear friend. Cecile, can you resend me your email address, as the letter I wrote you, to that address was returned to me. I do hope that I can see you again soon, and your new home. I imagine it must be beautiful!! Perhaps I will visit you and your husband in the summer, and do let me know if you have any concerts then. I wish you all the best! Sending you my love, Christine

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From : Alain Chaumont
Email :
Where : Aix-le-bains
January 4, 2002 21:14:52 +0100
ID: 32560

Salut Christine!!! Z?ilie, Raymond et moi, nous venons de decouvrir votre joli site!! Fantastique!!! Bravo pour le site ?la hauteur de ton immense talent que j'appr��ie tant et que j'ai eu le plasir de partager pendant de nombreuse ann��s. J'essayerai de venir le 18 avril a Quebec pour votre Rachmaninoff concert (le 27 avril??)?peux-tu me laisser savoir ou? Bonne chance ?votre carri�Ee!!! Nous vous embrassons tr�E fort , et nous vous souhaitons une bonne et heureuse ann�� 2002!! Amiti��, ?bient?!!! Bisoux, A.C.

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From : Chad Walker
Email :
Where :
January 2, 2002 02:17:47 CENT
ID: 32559

Thanks so much for your quick response! (and very detailed!) I haven't decided about teachers yet, but I'll certainly consider Mr. Hamilton as one of my choices! Do you know if he's planning on giving a masterclass in Iowa any time this year? I see you're off to Florida in a couple of weeks for a concert! Good luck! Your fan, Chad

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From : Michael Becker
Email :
Where : London England
January 1, 2002 14:17:47 +0100 BST
ID: 32558

Dear Christine: Hello and Happy New Year from London!! How are you, your research, recording, and concerts? I hope you had a fabulous Christmas with your family! We just finished our quartet rehearsal, getting ready for our tour next month to Amsterdam! We're performing quartets by Britten, Dvorak (the American Quartet in F), the Bartok Cycle, Debussy and Gershwin's Lullaby. We bumped into the Kendal 4tet last week at Whiteleys Bayswater! They've got a website now: - I didn't know Matt is working with John Eliot Gardiner!!! Anyway, we all miss your beautiful music here in London. What repertoire are you working on now? Looks like you've got a very busy schedule ahead of you. How's Rachmaninoff?? :) Wishing you continued happiness and success!!!
Love, Mike

Happy New Year Mike!! It's so nice to hear from you. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas, and enjoying your first few days of 2002! So, you saw the Kendal Quartet! I checked out their website, and it looks quite interesting. About your Amsterdam tour, wow, what huge repertoire! How is your Prokofiev duo violin sonata going? Are you performing that with Matthew? As for my repertoire I'm working on: the two Rach sontas, Beethoven 2/2, Liszt Dante, Brahms, two concerti, and other shorter works by Rachmaninoff. I hope to visit London this summer, so let me know when your 4tet performs! Perhaps, we could rehearse our long anticipated Dvorak 5tet! Please give my love to Andy, Allison and Shelly!
Love, Christine

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From : Shelly Miller
Email :
Where : LONDON, UK
January 1, 2002 00:19:27 +0100 BST
ID: 32557

Happy New Year Christine!!! How are things with you in AZ? It's too bad we missed each other in Europe this Christmas, but do let me know next time you fly out to London! We could get together and work on the Brahms d minor! I'm performing it in Burgundy next month, along with some Beethoven, and Ravel's Tsigane, and am quite excited about it! Quartet's doing great.. still waiting for you to come over for the Dvorak! We miss you over here!!! Hope we can get together for some tea, Harrods, and lots of music making! Have a great year, and good luck to your performances! With love, Shelly

Hi Shelly!! Thank you so much for your message! Happy New Year to you too! How are your concerts going? I've started the year off with nothing but practice; I must admit, it's quite hectic. This month, I'm going to Florida to perform a recital at the closing of the Steinway Festival, and then off to Brentwood Bay for a chamber music concert. I think I will be in London this summer to pick up the Albright Fantasy, so we will defintely get together then! I miss you a lot too, and sure, we can go shop at Harrods again - maybe this time, we'll have more time there to visit their Bagel Factory! Please say hello to your family for me, and good luck to your concerts too!!
Lots of love, Christine

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