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From : Chad Walker
Email :
Where : Cedar Rapids, Iowa
December 27, 2001 18:20:77 CENT
ID: 32556

Dear Christine,
I was searching for music schools and piano competitions, and came across your website! Looks very impressive! Coincidentaly, I've just met, and played Schubert'sWanderer Fantasy for one of your teachers, Arthur Rowe!!! He's amazing! (If he had not accepted that position at UVic, I suppose I would have met you somehow, because you would have studied with him at the university here, University of Iowa!!) My family is relocating to Columbus, Ohio next year, and I'm thinking of auditioning for the BM program in performance, at Ohio State University. Right now, I'm a senior in highschool. Do you know of any teachers at OSU? Or, can you recomend me good schools? I would go to Victoria, but I think it might be a bit far away, alhough I would enjoy studying with Mr. Rowe! Also, which recording of Glenn Gould's Goldberg do you prefer? I really hope I can meet you someday, and hear you play! Please e-mail me, if you will visit Cedar Rapids, or Columbus! Thank you! Sincerely, Chad

Dear Chad: Thank you for your message! Goldberg...definately 1981!!! I hope you are enjoying the Schubert - isn't it a magnificent work? It is virtuosic, yet evocative, and I congratulate you on undertaking such a big work! I'm sure Mr. Rowe enjoyed your performance. As for your question regarding teachers at OSU, the only person that immediately comes to my mind, is Steven Glaser, from my hearing of his recording with clarinetist Robert Walzel. Its difficult for me to recommend you schools, since you should ideally go for teachers. But, I can certainly recommend you any of my present teachers, Arthur Rowe (UVic), or Jane Coop (UBC) or Robert Hamilton (ASU), the latter whom I have worked with in the past four years, and he is absolutely fantastic, both as a teacher, and a pianist. I'm sure you would enjoy the weather here also, as I have always wanted to escape the cold weather and rain of British Columbia! I wish you all the best for your studies! Right now, I don't have any concerts scheduled in the Iowa/Ohio area, but if I should, it 'll be listed in my concert schedule.

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From : James McInnes
Email :
Where : San Francisco, CA
November 1, 2001 00:44:29 GMT
ID: 32555

Hey babe! Tried to email you but somehow I couldn't get through. Got settled in my new poche pad here in SF, and practicing for a recital I am giving in Oslo, Norway with Raymond next month. I'll send you some postcards!! Lots of love from California...

Hi James! Thanks so much for your email, and so nice to hear from you! Wow, Oslo!! Sounds very exciting! Good luck, and tell me how it went!!! Christine

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From : Charles K. Buterfield
Email :
Where : London England
September 7, 2001 19:30:55 +0100 BST
ID: 32554

Dear Christine: I have truly enjoyed working with you on the Albright Fantasy and the Chopin Concerto this past week in London with my orchestra. I admire your talent, pianism, & artistry, and wish you many successes in your future as you continue with your wonderful concert career. We are all looking to having you perform with us again in Glasgow, 2003.

Dear Mr. Butterfield,
Thank you so much for your message and kind words... it was quite a rewarding experience for me, and I am looking forward to my concerts with you in Glasgow. Please give my best to your family.. I always wonder how everyone is doing. I hope to be in the London area in December, so perhaps I will see you then!
Best, Christine

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From : Hilda Mickelson
Email :
Where : Montreal, Canada
September 1, 2001 23:07:24 EST
ID: 32553

Christie, I hope you remember me! I'm the violinist you met backstage at your recital in Gabriola Island! I love the picture on your homepage! You look so beautiful!!! I am totally your biggest fan, and I can't wait to hear your Rachmaninoff concert in Montreal. Love, Hilda

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From : James McInnes
Email :
Where : Vancouver
August 31, 2001 17:31:58 GMT
ID: 32552

Hey Babe! Nice to see one of my colleages on the internet! NICE website!!! So, still going around the world as always, eh? My opera tour went well..moving to San Francisco in November. Any chance you'll be playing a recital there? Please let me know! Good luck to you and your concerts.

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From : Natalie Saunders
Email :
Where : Vancouver
August 31, 2001 17:22:58 GMT
ID: 32551

Dear Ms Yoshikawa,
Congratulations on your beautiful career, and your website. Had the wonderful opportunity to hear you play this summer,and hopefully be able to hear you again in Montreal in November. I particularily enjoyed your Rachmaninoff.

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From : Alison, Shelly, Michael and Andy
Email :
Where : Oxford, England
August 30, 2001 02:14:48 EST
ID: 32550

Hi again!! We forgot to tell you, we're having lots of fun out here in Chicago, despite our practice schedule!! Wish you could join us!

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From : Alison, Shelly, Michael and Andy
Email :
Where : Kensington & Bloomsbury, LONDON UK
August 29, 2001 04:09:16 +0100 BST
ID: 32549

Hi Christine!!! GREAT website!!How was your trip back to AZ? So glad to have met you and heard you perform!! Just know you've got some fans out here in England, and hope you can stop by again, even for a little bit! How about the Dvorak quintet?! :)

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From : Your cousin, Brian Holman
Email :
Where : Tucson, AZ
August 29, 2001 01:53:03 MST
ID: 32548

Christine, I am your biggest fan, sitting here look at these wonderful pictures SIN PANTALONES!! Te amo, Brian

PANTALONES!!! Hola Primo Mio ... que Tal? Gracias por su mensaje... MUY divertido! I'm totally your biggest fan too!!!
Besos, your cousin Christine

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From : Thomas Thurlow
Email :
Where : Vancouver, BC
May 20, 2001 19:06:22 (GMT Time)
ID: 32547

Dearest Christine,
I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you once again for your great artistry at the Everett Chamber Music Festival this past weekend. Your interpretation of the Beethoven and Ravel was exquisite, and I have never heard the pieces played so well, with brillance and delicacy. We would like to invite you and your chamber ensemble to perform once again next year, and also for the Montreal festival in 2003? If not, then perhaps, a solo engagement would be wonderful!
Sincerely, T.T.

Dear Thomas,
Thank you so much for your warm words, we had such a fabulous time in Washington! Thank you very much for the concert invitation, and we look forward to seeing you again next season!
Sincerely, Christine

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